What we do

StorerCheck identifies problem storers

We want our members to feel empowered when they enter into agreements with potential storers. StorerCheck has been developed by the SSAA as a tool for facilities to review potential storers for any record of problematic or antisocial incidents against their name.

StorerCheck enables members to enter details about problem storers, and most importantly, undertake a check of potential storers before they enter into an agreement for storage.

In recent years, the self storage industry has fallen victim to problem storers – storers who dump goods like tyres and batteries; storers who are late payers or leave facilities to foot the bill for disposal of their goods; and storers who display antisocial behaviour that makes clients and staff uncomfortable.

StorerCheck is designed to help storage facilities know who they are dealing with.

How it works

StorerCheck helps facilities make informed choices

View, add and edit StorerCheck listings that provide information on storers who have defaulted on agreements, abandoned goods, stored dangerous or illegal goods, or acted inappropriately. 

When a storer applies for storage with a self storage facility, a storer also views or receives a StorerCheck Information Form allowing the facility to:

1Search StorerCheck to ensure the storer is not listed as a problem storer.

2Release the storer’s information to StorerCheck in the event that problematic or antisocial incidents take place. This information will then be available to other StorerCheck members.


StorerCheck is included as part of the SSAA membership

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